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For those who, for various reasons, desire an intensive healing experience wthin a shorter period of time.  This program consists of 4-5 hours of daily Esotherapy®, Craniosacral therapy, esoteric meditation, contemplation and/or  nature-based healing; Chinese Acupunture and Tuina Massage Therapy can be added at your request (they are not included in the above daily cost).  Our office is situated under the majestic brow of the Catalina Mountains, in the historical Fort Lowell Neighborhood area of Tucson.  In the vicinity there are many health food stores, AirB&B's, hotels and the Tucson Medical Center Hospital.   Clients must make their own arrangements for room, board, and transportation.  The basic cost of $500 a day is for the time the Esotherapist makes available to work with you, NOT for the time you work if you arive late,  Depending on the case, we recommend 3-14 days.  The cost must be paid daily.

Esotherapy® INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT Program (EIOP) (4-5 hrs/day)

  • Gerald Whitehawk, MA, BA(Hon)

  • Susan Pistawka, LAc, MAcOM, BScHon

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