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More Client Testimonials

NOTE:  Pictures have been altered for confidentiality.  The words are those of actual clients.

Australian Registered Nurse with Bipolar Disorder (Queensland, AUS)

14 Esotherapy® sessions

"I had the pleasure to be a client of Gerald over the last few months.  I have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely carrying. With his guidance I have been able to learn to meditate and therefore cut down my medication to half its normal dosage.  I have found his spiritual approach blends well with his psychology expertise.   He is a great asset to our community."

Pain due to car accident (UT, USA)

3 Esotherapy® sessions (over the phone)

"I originally asked you to work on my shoulder and neck muscles that I had lost range of motion [in] due to a car accident.  After physical therapy and little progress I had all but given up.  But today I’m back to normal and doing my activities I love so much…"

Doctor - debilitating anxiety, depression

Esotherapy® sessions

"I feel FANTASTIC!!!

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about my appointment with Gerald, and I have to tell you that I feel so very blessed to have found... your amazing, exciting,  and transformative organization."

Severe pain from passing a kidney stone (BC, CAN)

1 Esotherapy® session (over the phone)

"Thank you for relieving my pain, while passing a kidney stone the other night…

Your work is so amazing and it works so quickly!"

Some case studies of clients who got their lives back through Esotherapy®

A Washington, D.C.  public official who who "felt stupid and ugly" (yet, she was not), and was terrified of leaving her home for fear of what people thought of her... 

She felt so bad about herself that she would plan to go grocery shopping at 3 AM so that no one would see her.  She developed an eating disorder.  She couldn't make friends and couldn't accept when a man was attracted to her, because of her fear of being revealed as a “fraud.”  She treated her fear by numbing herself with pain medications and became an addict.

Esotherapy® uncovered the origin of those feelings and removed them at their root, freeing her from their oppressive impact on her life.  Her self-esteem and confidence have been rising now that she is no longer afraid of being around people.  Now, she has a social life and has made many new friends!  Today, she lives drug-free and takes delight in traveling and doing volunteer work in Nepal.

A surgeon at a desperate time of his life, filled with grief and despair so strong he wanted to end his own life... and who was sure that no mental health professional had the ability to help him...

One of his patients had died in surgery and the stress of his work was wearing on his family.  Just as he was taking steps towards healing, his wife took their son and left him. Although he had been to different counselors their work had been unsuccessful which left him feeling hopeless.  He felt like no one had the ability to help him during this tragic time.

His Esotherapist™ listened and supported him, and he has shown great improvement. He was able to return to work.  Esotherapy®  freed him from his desperation, depression, and anxiety.

A young woman emotionally and mentally abused by her stepmother as a child.  This client felt her stepmother would hurt the family if she  would tell anyone, and afraid to talk, had developed severe panic attacks, nightmares, and multiple phobias,... and her therapists told her it was all in her head...

Unable to deal with the stress, the whole family began to think she was "crazy."  Everyone saw her as the "problem-child."  Meanwhile she was protecting her loved ones.  This young woman had developed severe panic attacks, disturbing nightmares, severe anxiety, and multiple phobias.   Therapists had told her it was all in her head .  She thought that no one could help her.... until she was healed in three Esotherapy® sessions.

We used Esotherapy® to find the cause-memories of her feelings and remove the memories and their emotional charge.  After that the whole crippling chain of dysfunction fell and she continued to live a new life without the backdrop of chronic pain that marred her life.

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