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Writings on Esotherapy® & Meditation


The task is not to see what has never been seen before, but to think what has never been thought before about what you see everyday.


- Niels Bohr,  Quantum Physicist

Can "Spirit" Be Understood Through Individual, Personal Experience,  Outside Of Religion?

Spirit is infinite, without boundaries.  Yet, any religion is defined by boundaries that separate it from other religions.  Hence, Spirit can be outside of religion... within.  Jesus advocated understanding spirit through personal experience outside religious paths: "wisdom from above is without division" (James 3:17), do not pray in public places (Matthew 6:5), etc.  So what is Spirit, then?  (Read more...)

Esotherapy's Source of Healing Power

Religions aim to create sets of beliefs while all the spiritual masters have tried to teach a way of experiencing the world.  Esotherapy® changes the way you look at life through an esoteric wisdom approach for conscious integration.  As such Esotherapy® is not a religion.  (Read more...)

Duality vs. Non-duality

Duality is the modern understanding that the world consists of separate entities that function separately, without interchange. This modern view is dissonant with the non-dualism of the world, that all things in the universe are ultimately expressions of a single conscious essence.  (Read more...)

The Root Cause of All Illnesses and Suffering

The question of how we can heal diseases is based on our paradigm of what diseases are.  The difficulty with finding solutions is that we've learned from others what questions to ask. Since the answer cannot be better than the question we've asked, we had to go out-of-the conventional paradigm to understand illnesses...  (Read more...)

The Ego vs. The True Self

Esotherapy® enables us to achieve a pervasive sense of interconnectedness that enhances resilience in the face of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and problems of daily life...  (Read more...)

The Clinical Effects of Feelings of Disconnection

Excellent counselors and psychotherapists’ success rate is about 1 in 3 clients.  The two medical directors of this top international mental health facility attest that all of their clients reported that Esotherapy® transformed their lives and these results would have been practically impossible with today's available therapies...  (Read more...)

True Therapy Can Only Be Non-dualistic

True therapy creates connectedness - in awareness, in thinking, in feelings and with the world.  Opposite in nature, the dualistic knowledge that “modern cultures” are built upon expounds a granular view of a dualistic world composed of divided “entities.”  Such a view engenders illness in the form of chronic feelings of disconnection and alienation, stress, depression, anxiety, environmental, social and family breakdown and physical illnesses.  (Read more...)

Humanity Is Ill With A Consciousness Virus - Dualistic Knowledge

Why dualistic thinking is the matrix of all human sicknesses and how we can heal.

Esoteric vs. Mystical Wisdom

The purpose of esotericism is similar to that of mysticism: the communion with the Creator.  Unlike mystical spirituality that does not take much note of the in-between steps and aims for the shortest path to such union, esoteric wisdom makes note of such milestones.  (Read more...)

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