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Ancient Medicine Meets Modern Sciences In Esotherapy®

In order to lay the foundation of a new therapeutic approach that overcomes the limitations of conventional therapies, we have to examine ideas that are basic to our common sense... ideas that form the very foundation of our present thinking.  These common sense ideas are the foundations of the of the limitations of today's therapies.  We need to look at diseases freshly, with "uncommon sense".

Uncommon Sense, Ancient Medicine
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"It is I who come from that which is integrated.  ... a person once integrated will become full of light, but once divided, he will be filled with darkness."

― Jesus in Gospel of Thomas 61

Many biblical scholars believe that in this passage Jesus was referring to a form of ancient medicine.  None of these experts know what this medicine was.

Jesus explained how this medicine worked in the passage, below:

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When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is not male and the female not female... then shall you enter [the Kingdom].

- Jesus, in The Gospel of Thomas 22

About 600 years before Christ, Taoist sage, Lao Tzu, shared the same wisdom in different words.  What is this universal wisdom?  It is an elemental wisdom that arises from the ubiquitous Essence of Being, regardless of the many forms it takes.  This inner wisdom is generally known as "esoteric" ("eso-" means "inner"), Gnostic, or mystical and arises from the Higher Consciousness within us.

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"Dualistic thinking is a sickness."

- Lao Tzu, Taoist sage

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"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness."

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Monk

The same healing and self-realization principle Jesus expressed is the essence of Taoism, Buddhism and Sufism, the crux of aboriginal spiritualities of the North and South Americas and of Aboriginal Australia, just as it is that of the many Pacific Islands and the core wisdom of Christian mysticism. 

What is this Forgotten Ancient Medicine?

This forgotten medicine is the integration of dualistic consciousness through non-dualistic, esoteric wisdom.  Characteristic of this consciousness integration are states that Abraham Maslow, father of humanistic psychology, described as "peak experiences" or transcendent moments of pure elation, a heightened sense of wonder, awe, or ecstasy.  Speaking of the healing power of these non-dualistic or peak experiences, Maslow wrote:

It is my strong suspicion that even one such experience might be able to prevent suicide, for instance, and perhaps many varieties of slow self-destruction, e.g., alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to violence, etc.  I would guess also, on theoretical grounds, that peak experiences might very well abort existential meaninglessness, states of valueless-ness, etc....

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Esotherapy® considers all illnesses to be mere symptoms of dualistic consciousness, which sages like Lao Tzu and Christ described as a sickness.  As Maslow suspected, the integration of dualistic experiences, indeed, leads to holistic mind-body-spirit healing and transformation.  These outcomes of consciousness integration are endorsed, below.

"The mere formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution."


- Albert Einstein

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The Treatment Outcomes Are Endorsed by Medical Directors of Renowned World Health Centers

Esotherapy® is an integration of the ancient form of medicine, which Christ and Lao Tzu described above, with modern understandings of illnesses.  These outcomes of consciousness integration treatments are endorsed, below.

Dr. Tena Moyer, Medical Director

"... every single one of those patients [we shared] reported to me voluntarily that it's been one of the most transformative and profound experiences they had here."  (see video endorsement)

Dr. James Seymour, Medical Director

"In a handful of sessions the clients we shared made tremendous progress that would have been practically impossible with today's therapies.(see video endorsement)

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As opposed to psychotherapy, which processes emotional events through the lens of human created psychology, Esotherapy® processes events through Higher Consciousness, esoteric wisdom.  This non-dualistic wisdom that arises from the very Essence of Being provides a gentle and supportive environment within which our life experiences, as well as root assumptions of what and who we really are, may be gently revealed, diligently explored, challenged and integrated as non-dualistic awareness.

To understand why dualistic consciousness is the root of all illnesses and suffering, click here.

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