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Esotherapy® - Frequently Asked Questions

ESOTHERAPY® and ESOTHERAPIST™ are international trademarks.  All intellectual property rights in and to the practice of Esotherapy® are owned by Gerald Whitehawk.

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science."


- Albert Einstein

Q:  "What Makes Esotherapy® so Different from Conventional Therapies?"

A:  Esotherapy® is a new, pioneering healing paradigm in the field of therapy:

Different Understanding of Diseases

Illnesses are not haphazard nuisances, but indicators where consciousness integration is needed..  Divided consciousness is the root-disease.

“Dualistic thinking is a sickness."


- Lao Tze

All the other so-called mental or physical "illnesses" are merely its symptoms.  Read more...

Different Thinking

Diseases occur at levels of mind-body interactions that conventional therapies do not recognize as “mind” or "body" and hence they cannot address.  These levels can only be addressed together because mind and body are aspects of one consciousness that needs healing. 


By integrating the divided human consciousness, the mental and physical symptoms arising from its division subside and our mental and physical aspects return to their inherent spiritual integrity,  Read more...

In Comparison
If psychotherapy and other conventional therapies are knowledge therapies, Esotherapy® is a sage-wisdom therapy.  Read more...
Different Method

Esotherapy® treats this dualistic consciousness, which is the foundation of being, rather than the disease.  The method of Esotherapy® is new.  It is also known as Eso-Phenomenological® Medicine, because:

  • it sees the phenomenological, or inner, subjective experience of being, as that which needs to be healed, and

  • uses esoteric non-duality wisdom to integrate this dualistic, divided experience.

Different Philosophy

The root word "psy" in psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychology means "spirit" or "soul."  In adopting objective methodologies healing sciences have lost touch with the inner spirit of being.


Knowing the "what" does not tell us about the "how's" and "why's" of a matter.  These are addressed by "esoteric" (meaning "inner") knowledge, which is the missing "psy" of psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry  Read more...

Different Goals & Outcomes

Esotherapy's goal goes beyond the conventional limits of mental and physical therapies.  Esotherapy® heals the mind, body by integrating the crumbling foundation of "being", that is consciousness itself. However, its goal reaches beyond just healing symptoms to optimizing life experience - living life at its peak.

Q:  "What is The Method of Esotherapy®?"

A:  The method of Esotherapy® is consciousness integration. This makes Esotherapy® very different from conventional, dualistic therapies that, in their search for cures, PERPETUALLY DIVIDE that which they know in order to look at smaller and smaller, separate details.


Esotherapy® is also different from other forms of esoteric wisdom therapies like Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, traditional Native American Healing where only the healer works from an integrated consciousness.  Comparatively, Esotherapy® is formulated to integrate consciousness in the client, as well, which makes it a self-realization - not merely a healthcare - therapy.

For this reason, Esotherapy® does not view illnesses as nuisances, like conventional therapies do, but sees them as diagnostic tools or milestones indicating where consciousness integration is needed.

Hence, processing life events through esoteric, non-dualistic wisdom gently returns perception from a dualistic, ego awareness to an integrated, non-dualistic spirit-centered state characterized by balance, peace and harmony. This process helps us regain clarity, positive self-esteem, and a hopeful outlook on life.  Such a transformation allows emotional and physiological effects caused by dualistic consciousness to return to normal, healing mental as well as physical illnesses that arise from it.

Q:  "Why is Esotherapy® based on a different understanding of the world?"

A:  Most people are familiar with "talk therapy" of counseling.  "Talk therapy” uses everyday language intended for reasoning and communicating at the level of separateness between individuals.  Quite the opposite, to heal means "to make whole” or "integrate."  Making whole, or healing, cannot emerge effectively through language meant to convey and reinforce divisions.

"There is a language beyond human language, an elemental language, one that arises from the land itself."


- Linda Hogan, Chickasaw writer

This "language" known as "esoteric" (meaning "difficult to understand") emerges from the unity of all existence and teaches an uncommon wisdom suited for integrating consciousness called "esoteric".  Consciousness integration heals our minds, bodies, souls, our lives, as well as our relationships and families.  Esoteric wisdom is the foundation of Esotherapy®.


Short for Esoteric Wisdom Therapy™, Esotherapy® helps process life events by communicating in an esoteric "language" that arises from the spiritually-informed, profound experience of life itself.  This leads to unbounded healing of mind, body, and spirit and the attainment of life's full conscious potential, known as self-realization.


In Esotherapy® healing and self-realization are obtained through consciousness integration.  We believe that the chronic sense of disconnection, shown by medical biomarker research to be associated with all tissue inflammation, is also the “substance”

"... a person, once integrated, will become full of light; but such a person, once divided will become full of darkness.'”

- Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas 61

ALL mental illnesses are made of.  The root of this disconnection is dualistic perception.  Esoteric wisdom provides a gentle, supportive environment within which our dualistic experience of what and who we really are may be gently revealed, diligently explored and healed.  Processing painful events through integrative esoteric wisdom wakes us up from our divided experience of self vs other, man vs woman, inner vs outer, etc.  The emerging sense of being a part of the natural all abiding greater scheme of things, allows us to transcend crises into a non-denominational spiritual sense of belongingness, of meaningfulness and of purposefulness of life-as-is.


Esotherapy® heals mental, physical, spiritual, as well as familial illnesses that arise from our divided or dualistic consciousness.  This method uses illnesses and the desire to heal as the impetus towards the ultimate goal of life - the realization of our full conscious potential or self-realization, which by far exceeds the accepted limits of wellness.  This makes Esotherapy® a therapy for experiencing life at its peak, of which the father of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow, said:

“It is my strong suspicion that even one such experience might be able to prevent suicide, for instance, and perhaps many varieties of slow self-destruction, e.g., alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction to violence, etc.  I would guess also, on theoretical grounds, that peak experiences might very well abort existential meaninglessness, states of valueless-ness, etc...”

Q.  "Do I need to understand esoteric wisdom, in order for Esotherapy® to work for me?"

A:  No!  You may not understand how aspirin makes headaches go away, yet it does; how electricity toasts bread, yet, you enjoy it with breakfast; or how the car engine works, yet you drive.  We do not understand many things in our lives and we use them.  Esoteric wisdom is difficult to explain and understand, but easy to experience.

Q.  "What will a session be like?"

A.  We're all very caring, down-to-earth people.  Every client is different so every session is different.  Generally speaking:

  • We'll ask a few questions to get to know you and understand what you're going through.


  • We'll make an assessment

  • We will inform you about our ability to help you

  • Every step of the way I'll let you know what I have in mind for your treatment, and answer your questions.  And you have the right to refuse any course of treatment

  • We will teach you specific skills to help your unique situation, immediately.


Treatments are tailored to your own specific condition.  As part of therapy, we will be teaching you techniques so that further life challenges will be met with your own new strength and resilience.

Internet / Telephone

... can be as effective as face-to-face.  We've helped people in Australia, Canada, Europe, many Pacific Islands, Bahrain, Singapore, New Zealand, etc... all in the comfort of their own homes.  If you live in Southern Arizona, a few face-to-face sessions could be the best way to begin the work.

Q.  "Why do you use different methods?  Are you an 'alternative' therapist?"


A.  I am a Level 4 Registered Counsellor (Australian spelling) of The Australian Counselling Association who has returned to the US and finds psychotherapy has lost its "psy"... in Greek, meaning, "spirit".  Level 4 is the highest level of Australian licensure equivalent of a US Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  At the time of this writing, I'm working for the top third recovery center in the world, Sabino Recovery, where people come from all over the world and seek out the transformative results of Esotherapy®.  I have also helped the very poor and homeless in both Australia, where I maintain my registration, and in the US.

True progress never blends in.  I don't use "different" methods than other therapists for the sake of being different.  If I would use the conventional methods, I would get the same unsatisfying results.  Esotherapy® consistently yields efficient, sustainable, and transformative results.

I want you to experience outstanding results. 


I want to help you to be healed.


I understand that it is natural for some people to have concerns about new, pioneering methods that they have not heard of before, and have not seen other therapists using.  Unfortunately, the only way to avoid that, is by using the same old methods other therapists use - the methods that did not help you.

Q.  "Do I need to be "ready" for Esotherapy® to work?

A:  No!  You do not have to be ready to make changes in your life to get results - you only need to be willing to heal.  You need to be willing to try something new.  But, be at ease.  Every step of the way I'll let you know what I have in mind for your treatment, and answer your questions.  And you have the right to refuse any course of treatment.

Q.  "Do I need to be "spiritual" for Esotherapy® to work?

A:  No!  Esoteric wisdom is an understanding of deep principles at work within each of us, regardless of your current state of awareness, not any particular spirituality, religion or master's teachings.  Esotherapy® does not require any spiritual understanding.

Q.  "Do you have a confrontational style?"


A.  If you mean do I just "tell you what's wrong with you" and expect you to "buck up", then NO.  Of course, personal responsibility is a part of everyone's healing.


I have found that, often, a "confrontational" style can also make clients subconsciously oppositional or defensive,  and that often (but not always), impedes healing. 


Instead, I have a collaborative style.  I ask questions and want you to experience that you have the ability to come to good conclusions.  I know this, because if you didn't, you wouldn't be seeking help.  So I help you to strengthen that in yourself, which I have found makes for faster, and longer-lasting results.

Q.  "Do you accept insurance?"


A.  No.  Insurance agencies pay for conventional treatments, only.  What makes Esotherapy affordable is that it takes very few treatments for successful outcomes.

Q.  "What is a sage therapy and how's it different from any other therapy?"

A.  Esotherapy® is a sage therapyBroadly speaking there are two ways to knowledge - those of philosophers and sages - and disciplines fall in these two categories.  Psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry fall in the philosopher category, hence the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees these programs award.


Generally speaking, philosophers’ knowledge is dualistic and originates in the separate individual consciousness named “ego”.  Sages' wisdom is nondualistic and emerges from the fabric of Universal Consciousness when one is free of the dualistic “ego" mind; for this reason, sage wisdom is not personal and is reserved to the Sacred alone.

As opposed to philosopher therapies based on dualistic knowledge, a sage therapy is based on nondualistic wisdom of how "individuals" are a part of a big picture of inseparable interconnections they subsist in (learn more).

Esotherapy® gently returns us to our natural, non-dualistic awareness, inherent peace and balance and helps us regain clarity, positive self-esteem, and a hopeful outlook on life.  This process heals mind and body ailments that arise from dualistic consciousness, such as anxiety, depression, traumatic memory flashbacks, addictions, nightmares, insomnia, panic, paranoia, shame and guilt, hopelessness, etc.

"... [sages] may have their own views on things...  However, they would never engage in any [intellectual] system-building nor engage in its cumbersome analysis... Nor do they write obscure texts, and much less do they dream up a philosophical system. What they write down is moderate, peaceful, and non-pretending, and everyone understands their thought. After reading it, our eyes shine bright and blister, our minds are clear and free of confusion, and we realize: Yes, this is how things truly are."

-  Ji Xianlin, in his essay ,'Thinkers and Philosophers"

Q.  "Who gets to be an Esotherapist™?"

A.  An Esotherapist™ will be a graduate of our upcoming Institute of Esotherapy® & Natural Healing Arts™ (IENHA) who will be authorized by the founders and trademark holder (see registered trademark, below) to practice Esotherapy®.  Currently, there are only two Esotherapists™, Gerald Whitehawk and Tahlia V. Denny, the founders of Esotherapy® (view our professionals' page).

Q.  "Why did you trademark Esotherapy® and Esotherapist™?"

A.  Although non-dual wisdom is reserved to the Sacred and cannot be owned, we have trademarked Esoteric Wisdom Therapy™ or Esotherapy® to protect people from imitations.  International trademark searches showed that the terms below had not been claimed as trademarks, and, hence, these terms have become our (registered) trademarks.

Our Registered Trademarks


... in any type, font, or design as our legal trademarks.


Verify the authenticity of using such titles by emailing us.

Websites and individuals who use our trademarks without written authorization face FBI and INTERPOL trademark infringement investigation:  Below are some examples:

Q.  "Is there free counselling for people who need it, but cannot afford it?"

A.  Although, I do not endorse therapists I do not work with, personally, your questions may be answered at:

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