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At this time, there are NO other Esotherapists or Eso-Phenomenological® Medicine Practitioners or teachers other than the founder, below.  If any one else who uses the term Esotherapy or Esotherapist at this time, does so without proper authorization as Esotherapy is an international registered trademark.

Gerald Whitehawk.jpeg
Gerald Whitehawk,
Founder, Esotherapist™
(520) 300-0553

Gerald pioneered the art and science of Esotherapy® after close to 20 years of transpersonal therapy expertise in Australia and US and a lifetime of aware practice in the natural realm.  He graduated with highest honors in psychology at the very top of one of the first 15 schools in the world (UC Davis).  His thesis was reviewed by Dr. Emil Rodolfa, PhD, director of the American Psychological Association, who commended him for "post-doctoral work even at an

undergraduate level".  Clinical Psychologist, Jacqueline Horn, PhD, dubbed his work "a template for further psychological inquiry."


Gerald's transpersonal approach is spiritual and holistic and focuses on the attainment of levels of health which surpass what is commonly accepted as normal.  His special talent is to meet you where you are and compassionately guide you to these peaks of optimal wellness and self-actualization.  He explains that imparting healing without wisdom is like installing a strong door on a house where thieves come through the window.  By investing yourself in therapy with him you can truly expect to engage on the journey to the miracle of your True Self and begin the life you were meant to live.  See Gerald's statement of purpose, below:

"I believe that a person's True Self is a part of the fabric of conscious, nondual energy that makes up everything around us and, therefore, ourselves.  I call this continuum the Great Spirit, and our True Self or Spirit-within, is the part of this Creator within.  Thereby, I believe that we have one Common True Self or Spirit, which is not separate from the Great Spirit that fills the earth, all animals, the sky, mountains, ocean, rivers, and all the green things that live.  It is in connecting with this common True Self that all healing lies.  During my 18+years of US and Australia therapy

expertise, I noticed that imparting healing without wisdom is like installing a strong door on a house where thieves come through the window. .  It is my purpose and my life-passion to help you reach this True Self.  Accordingly, my methods must reach beyond the confines of man-made counseling, in a dimension of spiritual medicine passed down to me through many generations from immemorial times."– Gerald

Other Professionals

Laurel Inman, PCC
(520) 309-1777

Laurel Inman is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and the founder of the ICF accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Coach Training.  Laurel is full-time life coach helping people ignite their best self by integrating their Purpose, Passion and Potential.


Laurel is also the author of Eating With Heart, coaching women of all ages to break free from emotional eating, reclaim their health and gain lasting peace with food.  To learn more about her passionate work go to

Laurel presides as the Director of Coaching - IICT / Prescott College and is a VP of Programs - ICF Southern AZ  To learn about her internationally certified coach traning programs click here.

A place where people who are looking to move forward in their life and wish to be more at peace experience:

  • Intensive alternative healing experiences

  • Classes in communication, nutrition, and ego

  • Daily gentle exercises

  • Nutritional meals

  • Learn about basic herbal remedies that can calm anxiety and lift spirits

  • Learn to trust and open up to new ideas

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