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Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

HYPNOTHERAPY & Neuro-Linguistic Programming


... are recommended for people who have decided to reprogram their present and future by eliminating limiting life patterns at the source.

Common examples of issues treated successfully by hypnotherapy and NLP include:

1. Phobias, migraines, or allergies
2. Repetitive disease or illness episodes
3. Destructive relationships we seem to be unable to let go of
4. Blocks to prosperity and thriving
5. Repetitive separations and conflicts in work relationships
6. Repetitive loss of money
7. Inability to master certain skills or languages

Hypnotherapy retrieves traumatic memories, often held in the cellular energy network of the body, which are mistakenly interpreted by the mind and cause subconscious feelings and motivations that lead to self-destructive behavior.

Our skilled hypnotherapists will help you access access these internal negative memory files and reprogram them for the amazing life you always wanted...


Perhaps you are feeling confused, lost, stuck or unclear about your life purpose and the direction you need to take. Maybe you are at a cross roads in your life and want to live more in alignment with your purpose of your life or ask for higher guidance from your own soul.  Our past life regression sessions will help you come in contact with your Inner Spirit.

Past life regression is accomplished by means of hypnotherapy for similar issues that are felt to have originated outside of this life.  Additionally, it can also be done for the exploration of one's journey of development as a spirit.  Are you an "old soul"?  Spirits move "in packs" - a topic that intrigues a great many is charting this present life's relationships along past lives. You may even chose to express the newly gained knowledge as a Past Lives Collage.™

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