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Esoteric and Spiritual Quotes

“Not to recognize the esoteric sciences is to disregard most that has contributed to the advancement and improvement of the human state during the last five thousand years… the time is most appropriate for the further restoration of this sacred tradition.”

- Dr. Henry L. Drake

Sage, esoteric wisdom was an ancient form of medicine based on the understanding that humans are but a microcosm of Nature and, hence, the principles that apply to harmonious, balanced Nature will balance our lives and restore our health, as well.  This wisdom has developed everywhere because it is not the product of people of one culture or another, but the voice of a single Cosmic Consciousness Soup all people abide in. 

Rather than esoteric or mystical wisdom being the product of a certain religion, religions are various forms of cultural "translations" standardized according to cultural values in order to make the content accessible to lay minds that understand things according to their cultural upbringing.  In the process of translation, the universal character of the character is lost and the original teaching becomes marginalized as "difficult to understand" or "esoteric" and is often forgotten. As such, esoteric wisdom supersedes transcends the secular or religious concerns, as well, being reserved only to the "Cosmic Consciousness Soup" in which all things abide.

Times, fashions, human understandings and customs change, but the elemental principles underpinning existence never change.  Esoteric wisdom reflects the deep principles under-girding general balance and harmony of natural existence itself.  Since Esotherapy is based on processing life events through the lenses of such esoteric wisdom principles, the quotes below provide support for our Esotherapy clients as well as the participants in our personal growth workshops and seminars.

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