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Ego-Freedom Work

- with Tahlia Denny -

Almost everyone uses the ego mind to interpret events because we are taught that ego experiences and understandings are important.   Ego’s dualistic perception distorts our life-experiences.  It creates discordant thoughts, emotions, motivations, and affects physiology based on the false perception of existential disconnection between "things".  Yet, therapies meant to remedy these problems arise from this same dualistic consciousness that causes the illnesses; consequently, these treatments further

entrench the imbalances which will materialize in different forms of self-defeating thinking or illness.

People from all walks of life study and practice meditation, for many varied reasons, and there seems to be a style of meditation to suit each need. The Ego Meditation was created and designed for one specific purpose - to help the practitioner learn to see the true reality on his / her own.

When done properly, this meditation will help relieve stress, it will help you relax and it will help to ground you, but its main purpose is to assist you in seeing where many of your thoughts and reactions originate.

It will help you to see learned behaviors that, over time, have become habits and in recognizing these learned behaviors you will be able to begin to see them from a different perspective and start to evolve beyond the influence of your past.

While simple to learn, combined with journaling, discussion and coaching it can move you quite quickly into a new and creative space in your life.  Ego Meditation can help you

see and cast away many of the distractions in your everyday life that are holding you back.

There is no magic in this meditation.  You will not be asked to transcend anything… but, if you are ready to start making lasting changes in your life, visit my website, contact me and let’s get started.

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