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Early in my career, I had noticed that sharing esoteric wisdom during clients' therapy sessions pieced together the results of previous counseling with clients' personal experiences into stable life-transformation.  However, it was not until 2012 when, practicing in Australia, I understood why.  This helped me systematize Esotherapy®, a method that, otherwise, I've always practiced.

The Story behind Esotherapy®

During close to 20 years of practice with an international clientele I saw that the success of therapy models in vogue with academic research and licensing boards was unimpressive.


I had graduated from one of the top 15 universities in the world with Highest Honors (Suma Cum Laude).  I was praised by the Director of The American Psychological Association for doing pioneering post-doctoral work even at an undergraduate level. 


Yet, I was unimpressed with the lack of healing outcomes of conventional therapy models.

"The more you know, the less you need."

-Australian Aboriginal saying

While working in the mental health fields in Australia and the US, I came face-to-face with the same limitations of conventional psychiatry, psychology, and counseling, all of which rely heavily upon the assignment of labels to thoughts and feelings.


Western knowledge is largely focused on verbal classifications through differences.  Such a worldview, known as "dualistic", has caused a pervasive fragmentation of the individual's experience of him/her-self in the world.  We believe this fragmentation is the crux of all diseases.

An effective antidote is, thus, a sense of being an inseparable part of the greater scheme of things, a worldview known as "spiritual".  Awareness integration decreases this dualistic sense of disconnection, makes up the subject of esotericism and mysticism. 


However, such spiritualities that aim to develop a nondualistic consciousness do not harness therapeutic skills to teach how to integrate dualistic perceptions into holistic wisdom.  I realized that a "spiritual development therapy" was needed.

"Stranger, there are no paths! Paths are made by walking."

-Australian Aboriginal saying

People deserve to genuinely get better!!!  Not some of them... sometimes... maybe...

So I dug deeper...  I became absorbed in the study of older esoteric healing methods.


I researched how people were healed in times before medicine, psychology, and psychiatry.


I devoted 23 years to learning the methods that had the best proof and pedigree of all - the ones that noticeably helped people feel better.

When I have put these methods into practice... people everywhere told me this kind of therapy was fundamentally different - it actually transformed their lives.


I was hearing these same affirmations from people all over the world: from US Department of State employees, domestic and foreign ambassadors and their families, philosophers, firefighters, police, military, doctors, nurses, therapists... to the homeless and poor.


I realized that by following the guidance within, this therapy obtaining amazing, rapid, steadfast, and transformative results... grew to be a totally DIFFERENT method... based on fundamentally different understandings of the world, of individuals, of diseases, and how to heal them...


How did Esotherapy come about?

I was inspired to base this therapy on non-dualistic esoteric wisdom, thus, I call it Esotherapy®.  Its purpose is the nondualistic union with the Higher Self Consciousness, within which everything is possible.


In almost 20 years of practice with an international clientele, I have found that helping clients arrive at non-dualistic wisdom has cemented the results of previous counseling and life experiences into stable transformation.


Awareness is not a religion.  Despite popular beliefs the spiritual Masters did not intend to create beliefs.  They intended to change the way people see life.  Esotherapy® is a therapeutic method that meets you where you are and uses illness as a gateway to changing awareness.  Its goal surpasses healing.  Its goal is changing awareness for boundless healing and self-realization.

Pulling All The Strands Together

Esotherapy® is an amalgam of science, esoteric philosophy and wisdom, and traditional healing arts.  It was developed out of the integration of many decades of studies in the fields of Psychology, the philosophy of Eastern and Native American spiritual traditions, the comparative study of many worldwide spiritual systems, psychology, and a personal philosophy derived from

To protect people from malpractice, we have legally trademarked Esotherapy® and Eso-Phenomenological® (Medicine™) and the associated terms Esotherapist™, Eso-Phenomenology™ and Eso-Phenomenologist™.


The union of these separate domains of knowledge was possible ONLY under the harmonizing influence of Consciousness at Large.  Esotherapy® is a Sacred Mind science and it is this Higher Consciousness Mind that guides it.

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applied counselling experience in Australia, Pacific Islands, and in the US psychological and medical research, neuropsychology, and quantum physics.  This broad knowledge was contributed to by all of our professionals and was integrated by Gerald Whitehawk.

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