One Size Fits All Conventional Therapies Treat The Diagnoses Not The Person

Let’s say like most people you go to the doctor to seek help for problems you cannot identify.  The doctor says, "You have depression”.  Your are not quite convinced because YOUR "depression "does not feel exactly like anyone else's - it only shares a handful of common features with theirs.  In the end you think the doctor knows best and accept the label of a LIMITED number of features of how you feel as "depression".  Henceforth you have “depression” because doctors have agreed to label a few limited features “depression”.  Then you take medications to treat the agreements the doctors made, rather than your whole experience that is mostly different from other “depressed” people’s feelings.  Your inner feelings that are outside of the doctors agreements - but form most of your reality - have been discarded from that which is to be treated.  Meanwhile, the label “depressed” has become becomes a new identity wedged between you and the actual “I Am”, here-and-now harmonizing Experience of Life.  The way you were feeling still goes on beneath, while you are unsuccessfully treating doctors' perceptions with medications.

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