Dualistic Consciousness - The Single Root of All Illnesses and Suffering

Lecture And Subsequent Workshop Hosted By

The Institute Of Noetic Sciences

September-October, 2017 (TBA)

Dualistic Consciousness, Root of All Illnesses and Suffering

  • Differences between dualistic vs nondualistic consciousness

  • The two consciousness coexist in every person

  • How did we go from the miracles of childhood to the adult "full catastrophe living"

  • Healing and wellness spring forth naturally from consciousness integration

  • Some pathways to consciousness integration

  • Esotherapy®, a pioneering consciousness integration therapy for self-realization

For admission make arrangements with The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Esotherapy® Was Received with Enthusiasm at the 2015 Science and Nonduality (International) Conference

Our Esotherapy® poster presentation (view abstract) elicited the interest of many of the 800 conference participants.  Many participants asked about the opportunity to learn this therapy.  We do not have a school yet, but we are working on ideas to open an Institute of Esotherapy® and natural Healing Arts (IENHA).


Below are pictures from the 2015 SAND international conference in San Jose, CA.

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