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Esotherapy® Groups & Workshops

(New groups may be forming at this time.  Call to enquire.)

Esotherapy® heals through personal growth in areas where people lack awareness. Such development is, sometimes, best accomplished with like minded people.  Below is a list of available group services for those who want to grow experiencing the support of like minded people.  Call us to register.

Down The Rabbit Hole

- An Exploration of Being and Life Meaning -

What does flu, war, depression, political and social strife, stress, and environmental disasters have in common?  Is there a common root to all ills?  If so, could all human problems be solved at once?  Since times immemorial, sages have peered into the depths of existence to find a common cause for suffering.  Buddha said the root of all suffering is attachment.  Many people BELIEVE that they know what Christ said.  Wise people said few words and others have written tomes about the few words they’ve said.  The effect of these scholars’ well-intended efforts has been that the essence and experience of Truth, Spirit, was drowned in verbiage.  In this group, we take Spirit out of borrowed spirituality and religion and help you find your own answers through your own, direct experience.  Embark on the wondrous adventure to your Inner Spirit with like-minded people and share a sense of community and growth with them.

Esotherapy® Process Group

- The Tao of Self-Realization -

The purpose of this group is to meet you wherever you are in life and guide you to the realization of your full conscious potential.  The group follows the structure of a process group, yet the meaning of past events is processed in the light of the nondual wisdom of the Tao Te Ching.  The wisdom of Lao Tzu is coming to your help in realizing a sense of belonging in the greater scheme of things.  The outcome - the dissolution of feelings of disconnection - does away with the cognitive foundation that belies all depression, grief, pain, anxiety, addictions, OCD, and personality disorders.  In medical studies of biomarkers, feelings of disconnection were found to be strongly associated with bodily tissue inflammation, which belies all physical diseases.  Socially speaking, feelings of disconnection belie greed, power struggles, family dissolution, wars, famine… all of the human ailments.  Uncover the light in you, let it heal you and let it make the world a better place for all of us.

Suitable for all people, with or without mental or physical illnesses, who want to find ultimate health and life meaning.

Esotherapy® Resilience Group

This group addresses common general mental health issues by learning to solve them through focused spiritual meditation and wisdom.  Categorizations of past events gives way to consciousness integration in a sense of life “as is” process of transformation. 


Suitable for addictions, mood disorders, trauma, grief, divorce/separation and family problems, as well as existential or identity crises. 

IMPORTANT:  Often, internet or telephone therapy can be as effective as face-to-face... with the right therapist. We have ve helped people throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, Pacific Islands, and Orient - all in the comfort of their homes. If you live closeby, a few face-to-face sessions could be the easiest way to begin.

Esotherapy® Natural Wisdom Process Group 

Whereas the Esotherapy® Process Group is more suitable to residents that prefer predominantly indoor settings, this group is geared for the more adventurous nature types.  Drawing upon the suitable of 12 steps, the topic is finding your Higher Power in yourself as well as in Nature and understanding how one is an extension of Nature.  The sense of union with the Divine rests in the transcendence of within and without and this awe-inspiring sense transfers to the way one sees life problems and imparts future resilience to clients.


Suitable to a large variety of addictions and mental health problems.

Esoteric Mindfulness Meditation Group

to see how this differs from MBSR click the video to the right   -->

All day long, we use expressions such as “I am writing”,  “I am sitting”, or “I am walking”.   “I Am....” describes the very essence of the experience of each moment of our lives... incidentally, the term the Creator wanted to be known by.

Yet, when we are walking, we are often thinking of doing other things... and when we are finally there we become transported somewhere else by our thoughts.  We have divorced the "I Am" presence and Life itself.

Through ego consciousness, action, feeling, emotion and thought become disconnected and diseases - be they mental, physical or spiritual - arise from this division or loss of spiritual integrity between these parts of our being.  We have lost contact with “I Am”, the here-and-now harmonizing essence of being.

"I had learned how to live in the moment [in mindfulness meditation], but appreciating the value and experience of each moment was only reachable through Esotherapy®."

Mindfulness meditation is a means of regaining contact with this here-and-now full experience at the core of our being.  This Hub, or Consciousness At Large, is layered and is the harmonizing force of your true Inner Self.  From it all wellness, healing and balance arises.


Join our group of like-minded people on the journey to your true Inner Self, where all options lay open.


Suitable to a large variety of addictions and mental health problems.

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