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A Comparison of Mysticism and Esotericism

The purpose of esotericism is similar to that of mysticism: the feeling of communion with the Creator.  Unlike mystical spirituality that does not take much note of the in-between steps and aims for the shortest path to such union, esoteric wisdom makes note of such milestones.

While people can get lost in noticing details along the road and never get to the destination, we believe that moderation noting the milestones inbetween can mark the path for those who want to arrive at communing with our Higher Self, which is the Creator in all of us.

The ones who work for us are not only practitioners of their healing arts, but compassionate human beings who are passionate about helping you return to health and then journey to your inner self, where all the creative forces meet and all possibilities lay wide open.

We provide holistic mind, body and soul healing services to help you get beyond the stumbling blocks on the road to your Inner Self.  We believe that every human being was put on earth to walk a path of self-development, not only healthily, but to communion with the Creator Spirit.  We strive to help everyone go as far as they can on the path to this higher purpose, and thus our efforts focus both on holistic healing therapies and the teaching of esotericism and mystical spirituality which will help them reach that union.

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