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By Definition, True Therapies Can

Only Be Nondualistic

Healing is often defined as "making whole."  Hence, true therapy must create connectedness - in awareness, in thinking, in feelings and with the world.  Opposite in nature, the dualistic knowledge that “modern cultures” are built upon expounds a dualistic view of a divided world composed of separate “entities.”  Such a view engenders illness in the form of chronic feelings of disconnection and alienation, stress, depression, anxiety, environmental, social and family breakdown and physical illnesses.

The dualistic world-view affects both mental and physical health as well as the ability to conceive of creative integrated solutions to seemingly separate problems.  Form a physical standpoint, also, modern medical research on bio-markers has shown that the magnitude of personal feelings of disconnection is associated with increased body tissue inflammation - the foundation of physical illnesses.

The idea of what a disease causing agent is must be re-evaluated.  The same viruses and bacteria that cause diseases in stress-ridden lives spare those whose lives are infused with feelings of harmony.  It does not require a stretch of imagination to see that feelings of disconnection from the world around round, as opposed to the opportunistic viruses and microorganisms, constitutes the real source of most forms of disease.
The feelings of disconnection from the world are opposite to the feelings of non-duality that mystical spirituality and esoteric wisdom create.  Broadly speaking, all forms of spirituality are defined as a sense of being connected into the greater scheme of things, while the sense of individual disconnection from the world is a direct outcome of the matrix of dualistic knowledge sanctioned by “modern cultures.”  It is for this reason that true therapies must be based in the non-duality of spirituality.


Ancient Perspectives On Sin, Salvation & Therapy / Healing

Reading the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, listening to the wisdom of the Sufi’s, the Buddhist Sutras or Taoist writings reveals that, time and again, all over the world ancient forms of spirituality just like the native spiritualties of the Americas, Australia, Pacific Islands or Africa have expound MYSTICAL NONDUALISM AS THE CORNERSTONE OF SALVATION, HEALING AND HEALTH.

    The Judeo-Christian Scriptures

What the Bible says and what "believers" believe are often different matters influenced by certain cultures of understanding the Bible in a certain way.  Owing to mistranslations of the original manuscripts, most "believers" hold view-points are opposite to the understanding of the original authors of the Holy Scriptures.  Reading the scriptures as the writers understood the world at the time they wrote them, reveals that the absolute opposition between dualism and nondualism is reflected in the misinterpreted concepts of “salvation” and “sin.”

Salvation, health and healing were the same thing to the Greek translators of the Hebrew Scriptures, as they were to the Hebrews themselves.  Proof of this survives Jewish custom of eating Kosher foods, that are health at high standards both of health and spiritual insistence on not causing unnecessary harm or suffering to animals.  It turns out that the original meanings of the words "sin" and "salvation" have little to do - and in many cases directly oppose - modern believers' understandings.

To the Hebrews, just as to the Greeks, "Salvation" Is The Same As Healing And Is The Transcendence Of The Matrix Of Dualistic Knowledge

"Salvation" was promised to people for many thousands years by religions that have expounded the world just as dualistically as the misunderstandings they were going to save the world from.  Most of the Christian world derived its understandings from Aramaic spiritual traditions that were non-dualistic.  As Jewish spirituality moved West the scriptures came to be read by local dualistic minds that attributed to them dualistic understandings and used them to further that which dualism engenders: divisions, strife between groups, wars and other forms of personal and social illnesses.

To understand the word "salvation" we have to look at how the non-dualistic Greek and Hebrews understood it.  “Salvation” comes from the Greek verb “sozo” and the related noun “soteria” which convey three related concepts “making whole,” "health," and "healing."  Thereby, healing and the sought salvation are obtained by simply "making whole," or putting the parts together - creating non-duality.  Salvation is the doing away with dualistic knowledge, which is the same pursuit that Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Hinduism, Native American and Australian Aboriginal people follow.

Opposite to "salvation," the Greek word “hamartia” refers to the "original sin."  The Greek meaning denotes “to miss the mark,” to err or "to be off target.”  "Being off target," in addition to missing the point, implies that there is a target and a state of being off-target, which indicates dualistic knowledge.  The “original sin” or “missing the mark” is therefore the dualistic understanding.

In the original Aramaic language the word for ”sin” actually means “dirt,” a concept similar to the "dust" the Eastern philosophy uses to explain that it covers the "mirror" of awareness present in all of us.  The Christian, Judaic and Muslim concept of "salvation" has little to do, therefore, with praying to a God that is separate entity from us. "Salvation" has everything to do with realizing non-dualistic knowledge a pursuit that is very similar the Eastern Buddhist, Zen, Taoist concepts of reaching

The Development Of The Ego, Which Is The Matrix of Dualistic Knowledge Opposite To Creator's Mind, Is The "Original Sin".  Effective therapies must be non-dualistic or transpersonal because that which is "personal" references a dualistic awareness of a self different from everything else around.

A dualistic understanding of the world was foreign to the non-dualistic world-view of Judaism and, therefore, to Jesus and his apostles.  Dualism was also foreign to the ancient Greeks who translated the Holy Hebrew scriptures and pioneered Christianity.  It was just to them as it is foreign to all the esoteric spiritualities of Sufism, Kabala, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and the native spiritualities of "primitive" peoples that had to be "reformed" or, otherwise, stomped out.

By definition, therapies are about “making whole” or piecing together, whether it is the mind, the physiological functions, broken bones or cuts...  The purpose of healing that which is broken and apart, or in a dualistic state, is to make it whole, again.  Non-dualism refers to the complementary reciprocity of apparently opposing forces as they make up a dynamic whole. What the dualistic mind sees as “opposing forces” is just the dynamic aspects of the same whole that ensure its dynamic existence.  The classic representation is the Eastern philosophies' Yin and Yang.

    The Eastern Philosophy's Viewpoint

The Buddhist, Zen and Taoist viewpoints are embodied by the Yin-Yang symbol.  Despite the many meanings of this symbol, there is only one whole: the circle and the black and white "parts" are dynamic aspects of this whole whose existence is rooted in the other and as time goes one's place is yielded to the other.

The Eastern philosophers saw the universe as a nondual whole made of apparent opposites.  A magnet is in one piece although the extremities of the whole are opposite in power:  positive and negative poles of magnetism; humanity is a whole and the male-female principles to not oppose but co-create each other in the cycle of life; the cycles of day and night; summer and winter; the conflicting aspects of our personality; and so on.

In the non-dualistic view, the Natural laws tend to maintain and restore harmony.  They do not, as Western dualism believes, battle each other.  This Western dualism (embodied in Cartesian dualism, scientific reductionism, Social Darwinism, dialectical materialism, and so on) is the foundation from which knowledge that comprises medicine, psychotherapy and counselling. 

This mindset that all of nature is oppositional commonly leads us to believe that conflict is inevitable instead of allowing us to see the dynamic balance in all things.  Our diseases of mind and body are most often rooted in this belligerent view of reality.  We are battling the world out there, which doesn’t want to respond favorably to our wishes and desires, or we are battling the depressed, angry or anxious world in here. That leaves us hanging… in between!!?

The dualistic view of the world is the common pathogen that causes mental problems, family and societal breakdown as well as environmental abuse that can eventually lead to planetary disaster if we do not give up this delusional dualistic toxic perspective.  Mainstream psychological theories, themselves molded out of dualistic notions cannot bring about healing because their essence is antithetical to the harmony that the only form of true healing, non-dualistic healing, embodies.

If the world-view of your therapist is that the world is a never-ending battle of opposing forces he or she will inevitably see psychological health in this way…  In this frame of mind, there is no harmony or balance and the solution is a type of quiet resignation in the face of a meaningless life of struggle in a universe is built on chaos.  No wonder people commit suicide, because the the best one can do is to be content with “the common unhappiness.”

Forms of dual therapy look at health and illness as being separate and in conflict.  Nondual therapy forms see things radically different: everything is already in harmony, the only problem is that the apparent contradictory chaos is a mis-conception or mis-perceotion of reality that makes you waste your energy in temporary apparent conflicts that are, often, the process working out its own solution.

When all that your mind sees is one force battling another and does not have the experience of the higher levels of awareness, where harmony, unity, and unbounded love are omnipresent, the problem is the level of consciousness, or as Eastern philosopher Oscar Ichazo said,

‘You only see as much reality as your level of consciousness allows.’

Disease is a nuance of one's consciousness; healing is a change in awareness level

The misperception at lower levels of consciousness creates a state of mental or physical imbalance where the energy available to body systems is wasted in syndromes that have various disease names and are mere reflection forms of this misconception.  Therapy must therefore be consciousness therapy.  Its purpose must be to raise the level of consciousness.

The dualistic knowledge is what is being fashioned in today’s therapies solutions for world problems.  In the present paradigm, such pursuits are as pointless as struggling to eliminate the forms of "sin" while keeping the "sin" of the dualistic matrix of knowledge, itself.

Individual consciousness is more or less intelligent depending on its level of awareness.  The consciousness is us - feeling, seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, thinking... being, IS the sense of "I am," or my sense of me, of living.  From a Buddhist perspective suffering comes from "grasping or attachment to things" because we do not recognize the "emptiness of things" and attribute to them an existence of their own...  just like a dreamer in a dream suffers because in the dream the dreamer attributes reality to dream events - that are not real outside that dream.

True healing of the mind, as well as of the body, follows the natural laws of Existence - nonduality.  Therapy or medicine for individuals, as well as for the world, are One - for this reason our therapies and teaching and healing retreats and workshops are also One.  We have devised our pioneering therapies based on nondual esoteric wisdom and the person’s felt experience of living.  To read more about our nondual therapies, click here.

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