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Humanity Is Ill With A Consciousness Virus - Dualistic Knowledge

(This article has three parts)


- Part 2:  What In The World Is Going On? -

If Albert Einstein were to be asked this question he might have answered:

"If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes."  -  Albert Einstein

Just about everyone has sometimes asked why is the world in the shape that it is?  Why do people act with greed and are so evil?  No answer can be better than the question asked.  What if, both, evil and greed are only outcomes of a third, and so far, hidden cause: dualistic knowledge.

Like a computer that is attacked by a virus program, diseases, genocides, wars between nations, inequities, chauvinism, racism, sexism, famine, greed and environmental destruction are all SYMPTOMS of a world-wide viral matrix program of dualistic knowledge.  The dualistic world-views generated by this matrix, conceal the link between seemingly separate destructive phenomena of our lives.

Our modern societies emphasize the CONTENT of knowledge and overlooking an understanding of the TYPE of knowledge they pass on.  It is the ESSENCE of the knowledge we have been taught, rather than the content we attend to, that is the root of human destructiveness.  The dualistic knowledge we have been acculturated to does not allow us to see connections and the parallels between the supposedly different aspects of destruction and it obscures the true cause.

The matrix of dualistic knowledge is the "ego." It is the matrix of all suffering, mental, physical and spiritual diseases of individuals, the cause of family and social destruction as well as the cause for doing harm to our planet.

The dualistic knowledge we “own” creates the contents of what I know as "me," or "self," yet constitutes, in reality, the ego.  This knowledge was passed on to us by our parents and teachers who have learned it from their parents and teachers.  In our daily living interactions, our dualistic thoughts breed with other people’s thoughts and create new thoughts, much like in our physical world individual love encounters create new individuals.

Collectively, all these thoughts form a NON-LOCAL, living, breathing, growing dualistic worldviews network - a Common Ego matrix alive with the life of each individual who lives, has ever lived and will ever live.  This common consciousness exists OUTSIDE of space and time, outside of our conceptual understanding and rational thinking.  Ever present, this living, breathing dualistic matrix has a divisive spirit.  Its knowledge subconsciously frames the individual life and experience and therefore it defines our feelings, motivations and actions in a subconscious manner in the same way a picture-frame influences how the picture within it is being perceived.

The spirit of any dualistic knowledge matrix is divisive and gives rise to all human problems.  Dualistic knowledge leads to a delusional granular world-view of our self, others, family, society, world and nature.  This delusion relies on the belief that we are separate “entities” isolated by gaps of non-existence (otherwise, entities merge and there are no “entities").  In a universe of existence there are no gaps of non-existence to delineate the “entities” believed to comprise our world.

The matrix of dualistic knowledge is in stark opposition to the non-duality of the world whose products we are and is hardwired into our consciousness, into our inherent human potential, feelings, emotions.  The inherent human growth potential is stifled by the dualistic worldview world cultures emphasize.  All human diseases, social problems and world disasters are stunted non-dualistic potential for growth.

There is a fundamental tension between the dualism of our beliefs and the non-dualism of our world.  This discord makes us sick and surfaces in feelings of chronic disconnection.  Feelings of disconnection cause:

• global existential crises and subsequent mental health problems (i.e. stress, depression, etc.) 
• body tissue inflammation, a precursor to physical diseases (i.e., heart problems, cancer and ulcers), 
• social problems (i.e., chauvinism, sexism, greed, etc.), and
• disregard for animals’ lives and the obliteration of Nature.

Our human condition of dualistic disharmony is unhesitatingly and globally accepted as a fact of life, when it is actually a cruel and painful death of the soul within us.

Is there a way out?  This questions has been asked for countless millenia and was answered - not by pharmaceutical companies, doctors, or therapists, but by sages.  The cure for individual diseases, family problems, world problems and environmental disasters is to transcend the global dualistic matrix of knowledge... and is not different from the medicine needed for healing our world and the environment.

To understand more read Part 3:  The Age-Old Quest for Salvation, Health and Healing

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