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Humanity Is Ill With A Consciousness Virus - Dualistic Knowledge

(This article has three parts)

- Part 1:  Dualistic Thinking:  The Matrix of Sickness and Destruction -

William Perry's model of intellectual development identifies dualistic thinking is the ability to understand the good and evil, right or wrong, but not the in-between.  At this stage students simply memorize and repeat, as opposed to analyzing and examining.  They find facts and figures are comfortable, while abstract and ambiguous concepts are not.  In life, they rely on authority figures for direction on what is right or wrong.  This is the most base level of intellectual development, the matrix of thinking where most college freshmen are at.

"Dualistic thinking is a sickness."

- Lao Tzu

The 1999 debut of the motion picture The Matrix featured humanity living an unreal existence of unconscious slavery to machines that fed them false dreams of living in exchange for human energy. Was this movie a great success because of sending a hidden message about a counterpart of the matrix everyone could relate to in real life?


Some would say that the world already has a matrix of destruction: to ourselves, our families, our society, as well as our planet.  We are not referring to global warming, but to something far more insidious:  the matrix of a TYPE of knowledge, rather than the content of this knowledge, which we've inherited culturally from previous generations.  Similar to a computer "bug", this information virus has plagued the foundation of the human operating system - consciousness.

This knowledge virus is present in all people and, hence, in all therapies.  It is the substance of  government's political and social policies, as well as the essence of school curricula taught to our children.  This virus works against the very Spirit of Natural Existence-At-Large.  To understand how the virus works in creating illnesses and destruction we must first understand this Spirit of Existence-At-Large

People of all religions would agree that God is infinite and that is "One".  Yet, the infinitude has different laws, which most people do not understand... and therefore are out of touch with their God.  For instance, if in an infinite continuum like the universe a single point is conscious, the entire energy infinity is alive and conscious.  If all the space is conscious, consciousnesses forms the space and matter because everything is "One", a Spirit of Natural Existence-At-Large.  The FEELING OF EXISTENCE  is thus holographically replicated in ourselves, our families, our societies, as well as in the environment.  Rather than being inside us, all forms of existence exist in it as part of this FEELING OF EXISTENCE.  All existence is, thus, founded upon the feeling of existence rather than the feeling of existence to emerge out of the state of existence.


The matrix of dualistic knowledge erodes the authenticity of this foundational FEELING OF EXISTENCE.  How does it do that?


In dualistic perception, we arrive at the understanding of an individual object by ignoring the multitude of inseparable connections it is embedded in.  Our definition of any given “thing”rests upon defining what it is NOT that which we have been taught to perceive.  Hence, the individual objects we see are projections of what we know culturally to be out there.  Only, it does not work like that... because we ignore all the connections - the Spirit of Existence-At-Large... and reap the consequences in the form of personal and world crises.


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