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Quote Therapy

“Not to recognize the esoteric sciences is to disregard most that has contributed to the advancement and improvement of the human state during the last five thousand years… the time is most appropriate for the further restoration of this sacred tradition.”

- Dr. Henry L. Drake

"Why are there esoteric wisdom quotes on a therapy website?"  Esoteric sage wisdom was an ancient medicine.  Later, sciences based on philosophers' knowledge replaced sages' wisdom and healing became unsustainable (read more...).  Short for Esoteric Wisdom Therapy™Esotherapy®, restores esoteric science as an integrative medicine that heals mind, body, spirit, and our families without division.

Times, fashions, people change, but the principles underpinning the workings of the world never change.  Esoteric wisdom reflects the deep understandings of these under-girding general principles.  It allows us to see solutions where other therapies see none.  It empowers us to live better lives that heal us, our families, as well as the world.  Discussing the quotes below is the topic of our many transformative seminars and group workshops.

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